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PBI/Lenzing FR® w/ Comfort Plus Lining

PBI® is an extraordinary fiber that doesn’t burn in air. Blended with Lenzing FR®, this fabric is the lightest, most comfortable flame resistant hood fabric on the market. Even though fabric is incredibly lightweight, at 5.7 oz./sq. yd, it has an exceptionally high TPP rating. Add the Comfort Plus Liner to the PBI/Lenzing FR blend, and the Thermal Protection Performance (TPP) rating dramatically improves. UL Classified to NFPA 1971 Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting – Current Edition.

Physical Properties:

Material Weight5.9 oz. / 201g
Outer ColorTan
Thread ColorsTan or White

Test Results:

Thermal Protective Performance (TPP)
  • Initial / After 5 Washings
35 sec / 38 sec
After Flame
  • Initial (Warp x Fill)
    After 5 Washings
0 in x 0 in
0 in x 0 in
Char Length - PBI/Lenzing FR
  • Initial (Warp x Fill)
    After 5 Washings
1.4 in x 1.6 in
1.2 in x 1.4 in
Char Length - Comfort Plus
  • Initial (Warp x Fill)
    After 5 Washings
1.6 in x 1.8 in
1.7 in x 1.8 in
Heat and Thermal Shrinkage - PBI/Lenzing FR
  • After 5 Washings
Heat and Thermal Shrinkage - Comfort Plus
  • After 5 Washings
Fabric Burst Strength - PBI/Lenzing FR295.6 N
Fabric Burst Strength - Comfort Plus395.2 N
Seam Burst Strength601 N
Melt or Drip When Exposed to FlameNone
Limited Oxgen Index (LOI) ASTM D 2863‑95 - PBI/Lenzing FR32
Limited Oxgen Index (LOI) ASTM D 2863‑95 - Comfort Plus29
Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV)N/A
Hazard Risk Category (HRC)N/A



NextGen hoods are available sewn with either color‑coordinated (matching) or color‑contrasting 100% Nomex® thread.


100% Nomex embroidered patch. Minimum order 25 each.


High resolution multi‑color transfers. Minimum order 100 each.