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Hood Dimensions - One Size Hood Fits All:

  1. 4" wide Sure‑Fit center panel from top of face opening to bottom drape of hood, in place of traditional center seam.
  2. Face opening is circular and measures between 4.6" to 5.6" in diameter.
  3. Width around bottom (1/2) approx. 24.25".
  4. Width of hood from edge of shoulder cap to opposite edge of shoulder cap approx. 19.25".
  5. Length of hood at front top to bottom approx. 23".
  6. Length of hood at back from top to bottom approx. 20".
  7. Width of hood above face opening approx. 8.75"
  8. Width of hood mid face opening to back approx. 7.75".
  9. Length of hood at side from top to bottom approx. 19.5".
  10. Width of hood 1" below bottom of face opening approx. 11".
  11. Width of hood above shoulder cap approx. 14".
  12. Length of hood below face opening approx. 12.5"



NextGen hoods are available sewn with either color‑coordinated (matching) or color‑contrasting 100% Nomex® thread.


100% Nomex embroidered patch. Minimum order 25 each.


High resolution multi‑color transfers. Minimum order 100 each.

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