Legendary Performance

A Legacy of Performance: PGI identified some 40 years ago that a flame resistant hood was a integral component of a firefighter's personal protective ensemble. It’s only fitting that the originator of the first firefighting hood would develop a new generation of firefighting hoods for today's first responders. PGI builds off the winning performance of their Cobra Ultimate hood line to create Cobra NextGen Hoods featuring an innovative design that combines exceptional fit, superior performance and unsurpassed comfort.

Product Line

Carbon Shield<sup>™</sup>

Carbon Shield

100% Nomex<sup>®</sup> Meta‑Aramid

100% Nomex® Meta‑Aramid

Ara‑Tek FR<sup>™</sup> Tri‑Blend

Ara‑Tek FR Tri‑Blend

PBI/Lenzing FR<sup>®</sup> with Comfort Plus<sup>™</sup> Liner

PBI/Lenzing FR® with Comfort Plus Liner

Para-Tek FR<sup>™</sup> Tri‑Blend

Para-Tek FR Tri‑Blend

Comfort Plus<sup>™</sup> Nomex<sup>®</sup> (Meta‑Aramid) and Lenzing FR<sup>®</sup>

Comfort Plus Nomex® (Meta‑Aramid) and Lenzing FR®

The Sure Difference

Cobra Sure‑Fit hoods incorporate a 3" wide center panel rather than the traditional center seam, which allows PGI to contour the hood to the shape of the head for improved fit and comfort. Additionally, Cobra Sure‑Fit hoods have a little extra fabric (ease) built into the design which improves the hood’s thermal resistance from flame and heat due to the extra space adding a layer of air between hood and head and reduces the likelihood of the face opening pulling away from the SCBA mask when head is rotated.